Shelling of the city of Karlovac (Dragan Kovačić et al.)

Criminal proceeding against Dragan Kovačić i Nikola Štakora for war crime against civilian population according to Article 120, paragraph 1 OKZ RH.


In the indictment , it is alleged that the accused Dragan Kovačić, as a Commander of the 11th Infantry brigade of the 21th Kordun battalion of the so called RSK, issued an order for a military action, namely shelling of several objects that would be chosen as an aim of the military attack. Moreover, it is alleged that the second accused Nikola Štakor, as a Commander of the mixed artilery battalion, on the basis of the issued order, ordered the city of Karlovac to be attacked with heavy artillery, and as formal aims of the attack he chose several buildings such as: the main building for electricity, the post office in the center, and the police station. Moreover, on July 14, 15, 16, 17 1993 without an advance notice  every part of the city of Karlovac was shelled.  More than 120 missiles were fired in the city, although there neither members of HV nor members of the police or any other significant military objects that would in any way justify the attack. Due to the shelling 7 civilians were injured and 1 civilian  was killed. Many sport objects were destroyed, as well as objects of cultural significance and houses of the civilian population.

Presuda Vrhovnog suda RH od 03.12.2019.


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