Culture of Memory

The aim of the culture of memory program is to systematically educate about politics of remembrance, practices of marking sites of violence and commemorative culture in Croatia and the wider region, to initiate public dialogue on the culture of remembrance, as well as to strengthen a team of experts interested in dealing with the past in particular countries.

Historical interpretation of crimes which marked the 20th century, as well as sites of memory and commemorations related to them, have often been subject to political manipulations and have served as an excuse for new cycles of violence. For this reason, we organize a series of educational study visits in Croatia and the neighbouring countries to sites marking traumatic events from the period 1941 – 1999.

In this way, we want to make a modest contribution to the acknowledgement of suffering of all victims by enlarging the group of individuals who are well informed and interested in a public debate on the appropriate ways of commemorating different sites of past violence.

In addition to organizing study visits, we are producing short documentaries about all organized visits, which will be accessible on our web site, as well as a web map with marked sites of violence.

Ongoing projects

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