Archive and Library

Documenta's archive has been developing for a long time as an expression of need to manage documentation that was either produced or gathered through the work of an organization and its projects, as well as expression of dedication to documenting in general. Today, Documenta's archive exists as independent unit in the organization, with the task to manage the whole lifecycle of documentation in the organization (entrance, classification, digitization, dissemination, preservation).

Archive is, together with other units, in charge of development and work on the organization's information system, an application which serves as a database and analytical tool for the documentation and data management concerning human losses, war crime trial and data gathered on other projects, as well as business application of the entire organization. In our work we are trying to implement and abide to professional standards of documentation management.

We believe that accessibility of documentation and information they contain, as one of the prerequisites in a effective pursue of human rights, leads to understanding of an archive as an open institution. By increasing visibility and accessibility of a records made by organization's own work and work of other organizations in Documenta’s, developing practices and systems which support those principles, providing technical and advisory assistance to other CSO's and similar organizations with similar needs, strategic aim of organization as documentation centre and human rights archive is  being shaped. 

Thorough its research projects Documenta has gathered a significant number of books, various publications and periodicals which make a respectable and relevant library specialized for the issues of wars and human rights violations on the territory of ex-Yugoslavia in the period of 1991 – 1995, Second World War and post-war time, culture of remembrance, oral history, dealing with the past and transitional justice, activism, law and politics. The library contains approximately 1.500 units.

Also, "Library Ranko Helebrant" with several thousands of books works within Human Rights House, of which Documenta is a member.

In the May of 2012 Documenta has become a member of International Council on Archives.

Using the archive/library

Archive and library are opened for all users every day from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM.
Due to confidential nature of documentation, certain fonds are closed for public, e.g.  access can be granted by the written permission of Director of Documenta or coordinator of project to which a specific documentation is related. Some fonds are closed because documentation and data are still being collected and analyzed, and will be become accessible upon conclusion of research.

Due to inadequate space and state of some documentation it is desirable for users to make prior notice/arrangement with archive and to specify kind of documentation they are interested in, for an effective preparation. 

Services of work and research in archive are free of charge. Reproduction of materials is by charged by a valid price list.

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tel: + 385 1 641 3581

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