Crime in Foča camp

Veselin Čančar was accused of crimal act of war crime against civilians as he was a commanding officer in the action of capturing, directing and taking primarily Bosniak civilians to the „Livade“ Detention Camp on 11th April 1992, after the fall of Foča. After the first trial which was held before the Sarajevo District Court, on 19th January 1998, Veselin Čančar was sentenced to prison sentence in duration of 11 years. After the appeals procedure was carried out, on 16th October 1998, Čančar′s sentence was reduced to 9 years of imprisonment, and further on, on 30th November 1999, Čančar was released on parole.

Based on application by the defendant Čančar, on 8th November 2000, the BiH Human Rights′ Centre made the decision and prescribed the BiH Federation to make an effort to renew the Čančar trial, if the defendant asked for it. Following the defendant′s request, in July 2004, the Sarajevo District Court made a decision on renewal of proceedings. 

On 12th January 2005, the Court Council passed a verdict which found the defendant Veselin Čančar guilty and sentenced him to prison sentence in duration of  4 years and 6 months. Regarding the fact that the defendant had already served the pronounced prison sentence, the Court Council decided to release the defendant from custody.


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